- PHP Developer


Docx word parser, numerous Payment gateway API's, crazy requests but hopefully elegant workarounds (as I remember them).



Coding quirks, and random rants (I won't pretend to say I'll update this often, blogs are like that).



I am best at working with PHP & Javascript ( jQuery ), in which I have approx. 11 years experience. I've written about some of my more interesting projects / findings in my portfolio.

Below is a skill short-list just for brevity.

  • PHP
  • JavaScript - jQuery
  • MySQL
  • SASS
  • Drupal (6, 7, 8)
  • LAMP maintenance
  • PHPUnit

Work Experience

  • 2012 - Current PHP Developer Redwing Interactive
    • SM4 - CMS & Framework

      Its a Drupal-like platform inspired by (but not utilising) Symfony, build for rapidly prototyping and building websites with high performance.

      APIs: Internal JSON (RWAPI), Worldpay, Paypal (NVP, Express, REST), Sagepay, Google maps, Postcode lookup

    • Server maintenance

      Basic patching, optimising for load. Dedicated Ubuntu LTS, running a LAMP stack, looking into building out a load balanced setup.

    • Optimising developer workflows

      Moved from FTP into SVN when I started, since then migrated into GIT. Written automated deployment & testing tools for internal and client projects when time allows.

    • Pharmacy Learning Complete - Site Build (2019)

      Site build with IP recognition, large content import from various sources, SSO from identity providers.

      APIs: HighWire Identity (openidc based)

    • Edgbaston High School - Site Build (2016 est)

      APIs: N/A

    • Contact The Elderly - Site Build (2015 est)

      Site build, created a highly portable News plugin. Front-end build.

      *They have since changed provider, no longer viewable online*

      APIs: N/A

    • GP-Update - Site Build (2015)

      Site build with full ecommerce functionality, running on many years of client data from various legacy systems. Ported from Classic ASP. As well as a full suite of back-end reporting and management.

      APIs: Paypal (Express & NVP), Internal Postcode API, Google Maps.

    • St Paul's Cathedral - Site Build (2014 est)

      Site build with ticketing, ecommerce and a large number of bespoke templates.

      APIs: Worldpay, YesPay, Internal SOAP.

    • GPCPD - Site Build (2013)

      First solo site build, very bespoke request of tracking user progress

      APIs: Paypal (NVP), Internal bespoke JSON for easy management of sister-sites, FourteenFish

    • Resirva - Support Role
  • 2011 - 2012 Apprentice Drupal developer Proctor + Stevenson
    • Support role on various sites.


I moved to Bristol for a year-long apprenticeship during August 2011, working with Drupal 6 & 7 ( with some bespoke PHP apps).

After that I started working at Redwing Interactive, where I was given the task of building a new bespoke CMS to replace the original Classic ASP product, which we are still maintaining, and is running several high-traffic websites.

This is at the same time as managing a (albiet basic) LAMP stack, and standard client feature requests / new site builds etc.

My hobbies involve swimming, going to the gym, running, playing computer games & the odd bit of drawing stuff.